Youth Livestock Sale Night  Fri Oct 12

First Animals will be sold at 6:00 pm    Celebrating 65 years of the Manheim Farm Show


Wednesday, October 10, 2018 @ 7:00 P.M.

The Manheim Community Farm Show Parade is on Wednesday night. Like previous years, we will have 2 announcers. One will be located on Hazel Street close to the Ferdinand Street intersection, and on the square. A few reminders, the Manheim Borough Council has passed an ordinance, that only chairs and blankets may be placed on the sidewalks and only at 3:00 PM to the start of any parade. All roads will be closed by 6:30 PM. the night of the parade. Also the last entry of the parade will be a trash pick-up. Help us keep the streets clean. See you Wednesday, Oct. 10 at 7:00 PM!
PARADE ROUTE: Parade starts at the corner of Memorial Drive and East High streets proceeding west to Hazel Street, south on Hazel Street to Stiegel Street, west on Stiegel Street to Main Street, north on Main Street to Gramby Street, east on Gramby Street, ending at Laurel Street.


2018 Manheim Farm Show:  October 8-12th

Our events and activities are in full swing this week. Check out our Farm Show Facebook, Instagram and LancasterOnline for photos of the week.  Friend our Facebook page and show off your pictures.

Come on out for food, fellowship and fun!

Click on the Premium Book icon to find out about schedules, exhibit entries and rules.

Photo Credit : Steve Hershey


The Manheim Community Farm Show promotes agriculture, crafts and competition in a friendly environment that encourages family values and cooperation.                                     

Consider what we believe to be the positive strengths of the Manheim Community Farm Show.

  • Farm Show creates the opportunity for neighbors to meet neighbors and old friends, which is something desperately needed in our society.
  • Food stands earned over $107,000 profit last year that stayed right here to help our community no-profit organizations.
  • It gives the youth opportunity to “learn and earn” from their 4-H and FFA animal projects. Over $240,000 was raised this year to help provide youth with a solid financial start in agriculture.
  • Volunteers have to work together over 5,000 hours during the week, building relationships, meeting new people and developing a sense of community.
  • Thousands of people enjoy seeing agriculture and domestic displays in a wholesome atmosphere.
  • The Manheim FFA Children’s Farm Show is a great opportunity for the community to learn about our “Farm To Fork”  agriculture system.
  • Giving Back:  The Manheim Food Pantry is supported by the Manheim Young Farmer Food Drive during Farm Show week and the “door step” pick up during the parade Wednesday night.  This year more than 2,000 pounds of meat was donated through the Friday night Youth Livestock Sale of livestock to the Central PA Food Bank and the Manheim Food Pantry


We are grateful for your past support and invite you to join us for the next Manheim Community Farm Show.

Glenn Stoltzfus
President of The Manheim Community Farm Show


Manheim Community Farm Show’s 65th Year!

                              Click this link to learn more about our history:  50 Year History Manheim Farm Show 2003 by D Dourte



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