61st Annual Manheim Community Farm Show

October 6-10, 2014

The Manheim Community Farm Show exists to promote agriculture, crafts and competition in a friendly environment that encourages family values and cooperation. We have chosen to keep the policy of free admission and free registration for all exhibits. We do not have games of chance as many fairs do, to provide operating revenues. As you visit the Farm Show, we encourage you to support the food stands, which are operated by nonprofit organizations in our community. A percentage of the food stand profits provide our source of operating revenue. Bring your family and join us for this great event that brings our community together. Consider what we believe to be the positive strengths of the Manheim Community Farm Show.
  • Farm Show creates the opportunity for neighbors to meet neighbors and old friends, which is something desperately needed in our society.
  • Food stands earned over $107,000 profit last year that stayed right here to help our community.
  • It gives the youth opportunity to earn money from their animal projects. Over $154,000 was raised last year to help with college, education or provide youth with a financial start.
  • Volunteers have to work together over 5,000 hours during the week, building relationships, meeting new people and developing a sense of community.
  • Thousands of people enjoy seeing agriculture and domestic displays in a wholesome atmosphere.
  • The Manheim FFA Children’s Farm Show is a great opportunity for the community to learn about the “FarmTo Fork”  agriculture system.
We are grateful for your past support and invite you to join us for the next Manheim Community Farm Show.
Marlin Becker-President of The Manheim Community Farm Show


Lancaster County FFA "Greenhand" Livestock Evaluation Competition

Lancaster County FFA “Greenhand” Livestock Evaluation Competition